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Late night ‘Date night’ at Kyushu National Museum, Dazaifu


This year saw the launch of late nights at the Kyushu National Museum, Dazaifu. From now on, every Friday and Saturday evening, the museum will remain open until 8pm.

JLC took a stroll down there to see what all the fuss is about, and we were impressed. An evening visit might just be the alternative ‘date night’ you were looking for.

The  Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine and museum grounds are both tastefully lit, making for and enjoyable, atmospheric walk. Gone is the bustle of the crowds that throng the place during the daytime. It’s pleasantly peaceful, and beautiful in the moonlight. (Having said that, probably too quiet and dark for a first date… awkward!)


If you arrive by train, your approach will be made through Tenmangu Temple grounds (10-15 min on foot). Access by Nishitetsu train, to Dazaifu station (by way of Futsukaichi) is relatively easy.

Should you travel by car, the approach from the car-park side is also nicely lit.

For access information and a map of the museum area (including walks) in English, click here:


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Wheelchair access is well provided for, and the rainbow tunnel to the museum from Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is rather cool.


The charming Museum Café is also open until 8pm.


In the foyer you will also find, what has to be, the best Interactive Exhibition Gallery in any museum around. Kids will love it, but I often spy couples in “Ajippa” too enjoying the musical instruments and traditional board games. Not to be missed! (Entry free of charge).

Ajippa KNM

You will find the exhibition galleries on the upper floors of the museum; special exhibitions (3F) and Cultural Exchange Permanent Exhibition (4F). Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for these on the ground floor (1F) though.   Current Exhibitions (English info)



So where to go afterwards?

When the museum closes at 8pm, the grounds of Tenmangu will still be lit, should you wish to exit that route. Although the temple itself will be closing, you can still view it and get some better photo opportunities along the bridge.


So what next? The area around Tenmangu can seem a little dead after 8pm. Starbucks would be ideal, but they close their doors at 8pm sharp.


All is not lost. Japan Local Guide can highly recommend Café COCCOLO (near Dazaifu Cultural Centre, the last right-hand turn on your way back to Dazaifu station, before the main cross-roads.

It is one for the few establishments in the vicinity that stays open until 11pm (last order 10.30pm).


Not only that, it is a wonderfully intimate wine-bar-restaurant with ambient jazz tunes, great service, and an English-speaking hostess!

The menu offers an array of wine, cocktails, pasta, pizza and more, and at reasonable prices (considering the 5-star presentation).


It is kid-friendly too, a smaller drink-size ¥100 option, and a range of toys and books to keep them occupied.


Bismark Pizza… lovin’ it!

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