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Other than being the best in technology and gadgets, Japan is also known as one of the most magnificent countries that we have. There are so many places in Japan that are famous for scenic beauty and royal land. There are many wonderlands, some well explored while others less well explored by tourists. You should visit some of these places to unlock the beautiful and sometimes unseen treasures of Japan. One of these treasures is Kyoto, which is arguably the most refined city in the country.


Kyoto was once the capital of Japan and is located on the island of Honshu. It is famous for more than a thousand classical temples of Buddha. It also houses beautiful gardens, an imperial palace, many shrines as well as traditional wooden buildings. It is renowned for carrying on many valuable traditions like that of kaiseki dining that consists of many different courses as well as female entertainers known as Maiko san who are found in the Gion district.

Kyoto kiyomizu-dera

Some of the places I think you must visit in Kyoto are:

  • Nijo castle which was the Kyoto residence of the Tokugawa Shogun.
  • Kinkakuji golden temple.
  • Nishiki market in Market Street situated in central Kyoto.
  • Kyoto imperial palace which was the Imperial family residence until 1868.
  • Sento palace which is known for its gardens.
  • Nanzenji temple which has a beautiful stone garden.


Kyoto is one of the most well preserved historical cities in Japan with its many temples and shrines. It is popularly known as the city of ten thousand shrines. Among those, Shimogamo shrine is one of the most respected. The old city hasn’t changed much from the ancient city. These must-visit places have made Kyoto among the most popular tourist sites of Japan. You must pay a visit to see the many religious sites.

Article by Asim Siddiqu

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