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The Kitchen Kanra Kyoto – All new and shiny!

The Kitchen Kanra Kyoto is located in the basement of Hotel Kanra and is not very easy to spot from outside. But  you should definitely try and find it, and here’s why: it is stylish, inexpensive at lunchtime, and will satisfy all your Italian cravings. The only flaw I could find was the lack of Italian waiters. The restaurant has been recently opened after a major renewal.

The Kitchen Kanra KyotoMaple leaves in a water basin at the entrance of the hotel.

The Kanra Kitchen KyotoDecorated perfectly and seasonally appropriate, The Kanra Kitchen Kyoto has a transparent wine cellar. You can look at it while you’re waiting for your order to come. Many bottles are standing and exposed to light, which is not the proper way to store wine but does create a romantic atmosphere.

The Kitchen Kanra KyotoThis was a great plate of appetizers, marvellously embellished with flower petals. And a warm focaccia to pair up with them.

The Kitchen Kanra Kyoto

Our pizza and risotto didn’t look that gorgeous but they tasted good.

We made a reservation online, so we received a complimentary drink and an upgrade to a special dessert consisting of three items. That tiramisu was one of the best I have had in my life!The Kitchen Kanra KyotoEven before leaving the table I felt like I would never need to eat again.


The Kitchen Kanra Kyoto

Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Kitacho, Karasuma Dori, 六条下る北町185
Access: a short walk from Gojō Station
Open: 11AM ~9:30PM
Closed: no regular holidays
Phone: 075-344-3815
Distance from airport: 96 km from Kansai Airport
Official website (for reservations): The Kitchen Kanra Kyoto

Article by Olga Kaneda


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