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KATSUCURRY: Western food invented in Japan.

We have many kinds of western cuisine named “YOSHOKU” in Japan.
It was made for the people from Western countries who came to Japan since 19th century.

After yoshoku had invented, more and more Japanese have liked to eat it.
Now some recipies are loved as Japanese food by those who are from other countries.

One of the most famous yoshoku is KATSUCURRY.
It consists of curry and rice, one of Indian food, and tonkatsu, fried pork with bread crumbs. It is what we can eat only in Japan.
katsu curry-pork cutlet

In Japan, we can eat katsucurry in many restaurants like curry restaurants, tonkatsu restaurants, cheap restaurants and so on.
I recommend you try one in the restaurants serving western food.

For example, Amour in Taku city serves delicious katsucurry. It is said to be the best curry and rice in Saga.

Rice and tonkatsu are on the same plate, and curry is in other pot. You can pour the curry as much as you want.
Pork cutlet tonkatsu


This curry tastes mild so you can eat it easily even if you don’t like spicy stuffs.
The combination between tonkatsu and curry is beyond description.
You would just say, “It’s so good!”

You might get surprised because this katsucurry is different from the one of Indian-traditional curry.
It’s worth trying as soon as you can if you have never tried it!

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