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A Football Match full of Honor and Praise

A football match is usually full of rivalry between two teams. Sometimes it is filled with disputes between supporters. Teasing is sometimes heard in the rivalry of football matches.  But you will not usually find it in J league football matches. But it can be seen in a J league 2 match, JEF Chiba United vs Roasso Kumamoto.

It was clear weather on the afternoon of May 15th, 2016 at 4 pm. The venue was Fukuda Denshi Arena, the home of JEF Chiba United. There were few spectators in the main stand, but wait. The seats for home and away supporters and the back seats were full. I was sitting in the middle of the back seats. I like to sit in the middle with a straight view to the kickoff point.

I listened to the two sides singing their team songs before the game began and the players were warming up. But, did I hear correctly? Why did the supporters with yellow t-shirts yell Kumamoto and the supporters with red shorts yell Chiba? Well, they praise and respect each other. Yes, this is J league, where opponents are honored and praised.

Football Kumamoto chiba2

JEF Chiba United supporters (Yellow) and Roasso Kumamoto Supporters (Red)

It was the first match for Roasso Kumamoto after the big earthquake in Kumamoto, on April 16th, 2016. The two teams entered the field close to 16.00. After all the players lined up, shook hands, took photos, and flipped a coin, there was a minute of silence for the Kumamoto Earthquake. It was a sympathy performance through football. After one minute’s silence, the game kicked off.

Football Kumamoto chiba

A minutes’ silence for the Kumamoto Earthquake

After kickoff, you could see the rivalry between the two teams. They were really serious. Roasso Kumamoto player number 10 (Kiyotake) gave JEF Chiba a fright. But then JEF Chiba took control of the game, with the support of their 12th player and Home Supporters. The star player that day was JEF Chiba United number 14, Yamato Machida. He scored two goals with speed and skill. Roasso Kumamoto was not lucky that day, and the final score was 2-0 to JEF Chiba United. The game was full of fair play. The players of the two teams lined up and honored the spectators, and ended by shaking hands with each other. What a game!

Article by Arifin Hadi

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