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Japan’s Lesser known Treasures

Most visitors who travel to Japan visit famous cities like Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Little do they know that a large number of spectacular places are hidden all over in different parts of this diverse country. Many destinations with fascinating cultures await your arrival, filled with castles, mountains and celebrations. Here are some of the places worth visiting whenever you visit Japan.

1. Mount Daisen, Tottori:

Mount Daisen

Japan is not just known for its technology but also well known for its scenic beauty. Mount Daisen is pertinently admired for its splendid scenery from a distance. A closer view gives an even more serene vista. The lifestyle of the villagers is nature friendly. There exists a sustainable human society living in harmony with nature.

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2. Mitsukue, Tottori:

Mitsukue is full of green terraced fields and transforms its scenic views with the changing seasons. The pictorial view of the area fascinates photographers. It is covered by rice fields which attracts tourists and photographers. The snow-capped mountains and rice fields bring a landscape feature to Mitsukue.

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This is a nostalgic fishing village. It is an example of an aged lifestyle. It’s a port town with fishing as its vocation. Traditional houses are witnessed along Aoishidatami Street. The pride of Mitsukue is the eighth-century ‘Miho-jinja Shrine’. The caves and inlets on the nearby coast need a whole day to be explored.

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3. Fukushima Prefecture:

It is home to the beautiful Aizu Matsudaira Gardens. Fukushima’s sturdiness is proved by Furusato Kaiki Support Center. Former Fukushima residents and Tokyoites are relocating in the laps of the mountains again.

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4. Toyama region:

Toyama prefecture has one border along the Sea of Japan, and is more tranquil than anywhere else on Honshu Island’s western-coast. The striking ‘Kurobe Dam’ is a must to visit along with a pass called ‘Tateyama-Kurobe-Alpine-Route’. It is an awesome place to see during winter.

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5. Shimane Prefecture:

Shimane was one of the least known places in Japan some time ago; but as tourism increases it is getting more attention. It is a mountainous place where one of Japan’s sacred shrines of Izumo Taisha is located, and should be visited.

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6. Nagano:

Nagano, also called the ‘roof of Japan’, is enclosed by 3000 feet tall mountains. This pinnacle beauty realm is situated in the heart of Japan. It is one of the more rural areas on Honshu Island that charms the tourists. It is also a temple town. This city is famous for hosting the Winter Olympic games, some years ago.

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7. Tsu:

“Tsu” implies “port” in Japanese. Moreover it’s the capital of Mie. It is flourishing as the second largest city in the prefecture. It is a famous place for pilgrimages. Buddhist temple, Senju-Ji Temple and Yuki Shrine are but a few of the famous places.

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Japan is a country full of beautiful scenery and culture. It will make you feel enriched when you have experienced them. Now you have a good number of options available if you ever want to visit and experience any of the less common but nature rich places in Japan.

Article by Asim Siddiqui


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