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Japan Yet to Be Explored – Shikoku, Kyoto and Tokyo

If you think that there is nothing left to be explored in Japan, you must give it a second thought. There are iconic places in Shikoku, Kyoto and Tokyo which any traveler would admire. To make the most of your trip, the most important thing is to shape it suitably.



Shikoku is well known for its beautiful landscapes and it is a perfect choice for travellers who want to explore remote Japan. A fantastic art island named Naoshima, which has many art museums and a magical atmosphere, is located nearby. Explorers of Shikoku can find many other interesting places such as waterfalls and hot springs and it’s great for hiking and river rafting. Tourists are also attracted by traditional food items available, such as sanuki and tokushima. Yakatabune are traditional house boats that give you a private and peaceful space. Shikoku is also famous for hot springs; they give a splendid experience at night, especially, and this makes travelers want to visit shikoku again.



Kyoto, which is also known as the thousand-year capital, was once the regal capital of Japan. It is located in a valley in the Yamashiro basin and it has many religious spots; over 2,000 temples and also palaces. There are many film and tele industries centralized in this place. The lavishness of Japanese food makes Kyoto more famous. Kyoto is also popular for its ancient traditional festivals and traditional Japanese culture.



Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it is also one of the most populous areas in the world. This city also holds another record of hosting 51 of the world’s fortune 500 companies. It is well-known for its nature, especially parks, and it also has a national sumo hall. One should not leave Tokyo without eating sushi. It is made with the freshest fish available. Shibuya is a district in Tokyo which is a wonderful place for night lovers.

These places have some of the country’s most attractive sights. Exploring Japan is considered incomplete without visiting them. Ancient Japanese culture, traditional foods, and natural wonders will make you want to visit these places again and again.

Article by Asim Siddiqu

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