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Itamae Sushi (板前寿司) in Akasaka-mitsuke

Almost everyone knows that the Japanese eat sushi. But very few people abroad know that real nigiri zushi is made only by professional sushi cooks and chefs (forget home-made chirashi sushi or inari zushi etc.). Almost none of my friends abroad knew that Japanese people in general eat sushi at a restaurant several times a month or even a year. And no one knew that the favorite fish in the «Land of the Rising Sun» was tuna!


Itamae Sushi was founded in Hong-Kong. Speaking of the name, itamae (板前) in Japanese means «in front of the (cooking) board» and refers to the cook or chef.

As the restaurant is famous for its blue-fin tuna, my husband ordered a popular tuna platter called «Nigiri set». It consisted of sushi with kamatoro – fatty tuna from around the collar-bone, chuutoro – medium-fatty tuna, akami – red (lean) meat tuna and negitoro – tuna marinated with Welsh onion leaves.


Foreign people are provided with an English menu and the staff speak English too, so please rest assured that you can choose what you want to eat, even without knowing Japanese.

For customers who don’t like their fish completely raw, there is an option to have sushi with grilled fish.

Itamae Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in this area, combining a stylish interior, high quality and affordable prices. Itamae Sushi has 11 branches in Tokyo, covering such popular areas as Ginza, Shinjuku and Nishi-Shijuku, Toranomon.

My set included 14 pieces of sushi and I had to share them with my husband. I think he had too much tuna that night! We paid around 5000 yen for both platters.



Itamae Sushi
Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-8-17
Telephone: +81 3-6659-7288
Access 1: 2 min. walk from Akasaka-mitsuke st.
Access 2: 6 min. walk from Akasaka st.
Website: www.itamae.co.jp
Distance from airport: About 16 km from Haneda Airport, 61 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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