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Isanoura Park Camp and Cottage Site

Kyushu has an abundance of nature and some pretty great camping areas and if you are anything like me, the beautiful weather in May will have you itching to get out into the countryside for the weekend. This weekend we drove down to Isanoura in Sakai cho, Nagasaki prefecture.

Isanoura camp site

The camp and cottage park is situated on the bank of Isanoura Dam and has an amazing view over the water.

Isanoura camp

The park itself is very well maintained and there is a modest 100 yen fee to enter if you aren’t staying.

Isanoura camp park

You can set up your own tent or rent one here. Or if you are not really in the mood for camping, there are bungalows and cottages for rent.

Isanoura camp bungalows

We opted for a small 4-man bungalow. It has a wooden floor space of about 8 tatami mats, and futons and sheets are provided so there’s no need to bring your own sleeping bags. It is extremely well maintained and wonderfully clean. There is no kitchen or toilet inside the bungalow so you have to use the camp site facilities.

Isanoura camp Bungalow Isanoura camp bungalow 2

However, there is an air conditioner! And a coin shower which requires 100 yen a shot. Don’t forget to bring your own soap  and shampoo though!

Isanoura camp shower

For 6000 yen + 540 per person, it really is very reasonable. There are also 8-person bungalows available.

If you would prefer a little more luxury then opt for one of the bigger cottages which come with their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Cottages that sleep up to four or eight people are available and there’s one completely barrier free cottage.

Isanoura camp cottages

It’s a great place to relax and enjoy nature so I’d highly recommend it.

1133-48 Nakaura Minamigo, Saikai cho, Saikai shi, Nagasaki
Telephone: 0959-32-9087 (For inquires about the park, camping and activities)
0959-37-9511 (For inquires about the cottages and bungalows)

Website: http://www.saikaicity.jp/isa/  (Japanese)

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