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Is fukubukuro (lucky bag) really worth it?

Do you ever buy fukubukuro (福袋)? New Year “lucky bags” or grab bags are extremely popular here in Japan. Don’t buy them if you don’t like to spend money on surprises. If you do like surprises even though there can also be unpleasant ones, go for it!Fukubukuro from tutu AnnaSome shops have a sample of fukubukuro they are selling, so you don’t really buy a pig in a poke. Well, almost. For example, cosmetic lucky bags can have different colors of nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss, various shades of BB cream etc. As a woman, I can understand that move: nobody wants to end up with totally unusable yet new acid color cosmetics. This fact deprives us of two things: being utterly disappointed (which is great), and being excited, surprised and happy. By the way, “fuku” also means happiness in Japanese. But while you are happy that you didn’t waste your hard earned money, you inevitably feel that something is lacking. That’s why some people say that if you know the contents of your fukubukuro, it becomes a simple set.Hair goods fukubukuroI take care of that problem with one easy decision: buy a cheaper bag (under 2000 yen) for the sheer joy of surprise. This year it was a 1200 yen of hair goods. Actually, last year I bought it at the same store, and there are only several differences. I mean, the standard set of cute and not-so-cute hair clippers, scrunchies and Alice bands. Anyway, they are usable (mostly at home) and I like them.Hair goods fukubukuroIn fukubukuro season (approximately December 29 – January 5) I also stock up on my winter socks from tutu anna (チュチュアンナ). They are nice, fleecy or woolen, and are always used at my home.Socks fukubukuroActually, I just never get to the necessary spots in time. Most (single) people line up in front of the popular shops on December 1, and by January 3 or 4 there are only too expensive or completely unattractive bags everywhere.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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