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Indulging in American-style dinner at Bubby’s New York Ark Hills

Bubby’s has several locations in Tokyo and Yokohama, and each has its own charm. The magic of visiting Bubby’s New York Ark Hills starts before you actually enter the restaurant. Imagine yourself a heroine from Jane Austen’s novel, or a princess living in a big castle, and take a leisurely walk under the arks in Ark Karajan Platz. If you are meeting up with your significant other, this is a perfect time to hold hands. Decorations in the picture can be seen only around Christmas.Ark HillsAfter the craving for romance has been satisfied, you can finally enter Bubby’s New York Ark Hills.Bubby's New York Ark HillsBoth outdoor and indoor seating are available. As for me, eating on the terrace is more appropriate when it’s warm and sunny, preferably for breakfast of brunch.Bubby's New York Ark HillsWe got a nice corner table, very cozy and appropriate for a quiet dinner out.

During the day Bubby’s (especially in Tokyo Station) is always packed with Japanese people, mostly women. However, dinnertime is when foreign people start to flock to Bubby’s New York Ark Hills. Everyone wants to eat some comfort food that rekindles the wonderful memories of Mom’s or Grandma’s cooking. And what can compare to the taste of homemade meals? Only Bubby’s taste!Bubby's New York Ark HillsOur choice of salad was a half-sized Brown Derby’s Cobb Salad. It was really huge, and I wish I had taken a picture of it before my husband digged into it. But he was quicker. As he isn’t much of a cheese eater, I’d got all blue cheese to myself. Right after each of us ate a big plate of Cobb salad, our cheese hamburger and a medium-rare beef rib eye steak arrived.Bubby's New York Ark HillsWe had a small Coleslaw salad and mashed potatoes on the side. The steak was delicious, but the hamburger patty also turned out to be medium-rare.Bubby's New York Ark HillsIt scared me off, as at home we always thoroughly cook our patties to “no pink inside”. As I expected, we had a bit of stomach ache at night, but perhaps it was because we ate too much.

I finished my dinner with a piece of Michigan sour cherry pie, my all-time favorite.Bubby's New York Ark HillsA dollop of sweetened whipped cream balances out the tartness of the cherries perfectly!Bubby's New York Ark Hills

As for the drinks, we ordered hot lemonade and spicy apple cider.Bubby's New York Ark Hills


Bubby’s New York Ark Hills

Address: Tokyo, Minato, Akasaka 1-12-32 Ark Hills Karajan Place 2F
Opening Hours: 8 AM – 11 PM (weekdays), 10 AM – 10 PM (weekends)
Tel: 03-6441-0733
Access 1: a short walk from Roppongi-Itchome Station, Exit 3
Access 2: 3 min. walk from Tameike-sanno Station
Distance to Airport: 17 km from Haneda Airport
Official website: http://bubbys.jp/menu_arkhills.html

 Article by Olga Kaneda

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