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Immerse yourself into the old-fashioned and whimsical charm of Den-en-chofu

Visiting such places as Den-en-chofu might be tough if you’ve got a tight schedule during your stay in Tokyo. But if you are in the mood (or in the area), strolling in the hilly area of Den-en-chofu Station is a perfect option.Den-en-chofuIt won’t take up much of your time. You will see a lot people (some of them are even famous) walking their big, gorgeous dogs. You will also see stores that look older than you, enticing merchandise for a holiday coming up, interesting signs that will leave you wondering about their meaning.Den-en-chofuDen-en-chofuYou will certainly notice Gingko Leaf street banners everywhere.Den-en-chofuCare for some new bowls or tea cups?Den-en-chofuThere are also several lovely tea and coffee shops, and a shop with traditional Japanese confectionery called namagashi (生菓子). They look so artsy and expensive that I just wouldn’t dare to eat them. I looked at them as carefully as I could while the staff was looking at me, so taking a photo was impossible. Just a few steps away there are more real-life shops with coffee, baked goods, and desserts like cheesecake or chocolate cake. For example, Kobeya Kitchen, which operates in Den-en-chofu since 1918.Den-en-chofu

If you are in a mood for a longer stroll, also try visiting Seseragi Park. It is particularly beautiful in the fall. Of course, you will notice some birds and greenery on the streets of Den-en-chofu even before you actually get to the park. And they will not always be the ones you expect to see.Den-en-chofuOr, you can just enjoy fine examples of neo-classical Japanese, Swiss and Edwardian architecture.Den-en-chofuAs I was engrossed in looking at the buildings, I found myself in front of the shop called Little Bear. They sell kaleidoscopes, and unfortunately, they were closed. But even the sight of it leaves this feeling that something magical is about to happen.Den-en-chofuDen-en-chofuDen-en-chofu


Address: Tokyo, Ota-ku, Den-en-chofu
Access: from Den-en-chofu Station
Phone: 03-3721-3175
Distance to airport: 12 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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