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Imagawayaki in Azabu-juban, a Metropolitan Street Sweetened by Nostalgic Tastes

You may have seen its circular shape at various Japanese festivals, you may have smelled its baked aroma from narrow alleys when you wandered around Japan, you may have even eaten it yourself, cupping your mouth to prevent the hot and delicious paste from falling out.

It is called “Imagawayaki”, a Japanese sweet since the Edo period. The ingredients of the batter are simple: wheat flour, egg, sugar and water. They are made in an iron mould in the shape of a circle. Due to its shape and its golden colour, it also has the name of “oobanyaki” (“ooban” means “flattened gold” in Japanese”.)

There are usually different fillings to choose from. In “tsukishimaya” at Azabu-juban in Tokyo, you can find tastes including cheese and custard. You don’t have to worry about being given the wrong one as the name of the taste is branded on the “imagawayai”. The picture below shows the Japanese word for “cheese”.

Besides “Imagawayki”, on the street of Azabu-juban you can also find other Japanese traditional sweets such as “taiyaki (which is similar to imagawayaki except for its fish shape), mame (sweets made from beans) and beautiful Japanese candies in the shape of sakura (cherry blossom) and chrysanthemum.

It is just a 3-minute walk from the Roppongi area which is filled with nightclubs. If you have a sweet tooth, come here for some nostalgic tastes before a crazy metropolitan night.


Address: Minato Azabujuban 2-3-1
Access: a 1-minute walk from Azabu Juban [7] exit (Oedo Line)
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 10:30 to 20:00
Regular Holiday: Tuesdays
Telephone: 03-3452-0991
Distance from airport: 16km from Haneda airport

Article by Eva

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