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Hotaru’s Healthy and Delicious Japanese Buffet

Tucked away at the foot of the hills north of Kanzaki is a popular little restaurant called Hotaru. It is housed in a quaint building in the style of a an old rural house and offers a buffet lunch which includes a variety of traditional freshly prepared food, including their own famous tofu, bread and ham.

plate all you can eat

Lunch costs 1600 yen which is paid on entering the restaurant, and for a set period of time (90 minutes), you can pick and choose from a great variety of both hot and cold dishes. This buffet style dining is called “Viking” or “tabehodai” (all-you-can-eat). The great thing about tabehodai is that you can try a variety of different foods in one meal. These plates (above) are perfectly designed to keep each portion separate from the next.

Tofu cooked in a tradition kama pot! I guarantee you will feel differently about tofu when you try all the variations served here.

boiled tofu

A large selection of vegetable dishes.

Tofu buffet
This dish is made from soy milk and is called Yuba. It has a very different taste and texture to tofu but has all the same health benefits!


Tororo is a sticky soup made from grated Chinese Yam and stock and is eaten poured over rice.

Yama imo potato tororo

Try some of the homemade ham!


And for the sweets lovers among you, there is also a selection of desserts. You must try the annindofu (almond milk pudding) which is delightful! This dish is often served in Chinese restaurants here but this is the best I’ve ever tasted!


Hotaru uses fresh local produce and serves a large selection of healthy dishes. Try some traditional Japanese cuisine in these rustic surroundings.


(Hotaru (ほたる))
Address: 3580 Jōbaru, Kanzaki Machi, Saga Prefecture
Telephone: 0952-55-8123
Opening Hours: 11:00-16:00 (Last entry: 15:00)
Regular Holidays: December 31 – January 1
Access 1: 30 min drive from Saga City
Access 2: 10 min drive from Higashi Sefuri IC (Nagasaki Expressway)
Distance to airport: 21 km from Saga Airport. 30 km from Fukuoka Airport.
Religious info:
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards:

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