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Rock your Body in the Vast Flower Fields of Hitachi Seaside Park

No it is not THAT Hitachi, the electronic brand that we all know. Quite the opposite, in fact. Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Ibaraki prefecture and it is famous for many things: a summer rock music festival, fields of blue flowers during spring and its vast size.

Its proximity to Tokyo makes it a perfect spot if you are looking for some fresh air and open space. At Tokyo station, you can catch a bus that takes you directly to the park in two hours. Once you step out from the bus, you will be impressed by the vastness of the place, especially when you think of how crowded it was in Tokyo station just two hours earlier.


The park is famous for its large area of 350ha, which is five times the size of Tokyo Disneyland. In the past, this large space was reserved for military use: first by the Japanese army and later by the American army after the Second World War. The US returned the area to the Japanese government in 1973 and the government redeveloped it as a park. When it was first opened in 1991, it was just 70ha and since then, has been extended many times.

Due to its size, a large number of different flower species have been planted here: the most famous one being “Nemophila” in spring.


With four and a half million blue nemophila, it gives a new level of meaning to the phrase “sea of flowers”. On a sunny day, the baby blue of the nemophila is the same shade as the sky; appearing as if dust had fallen directly from the sky and come to rest on the green grass in Hitachi Park.

Besides nemophila, you can view other flowers in spring here, including Fuji and Canola flowers.



Spring is not the only season that Hitachi Park is in its floral splendor. Visit anytime and you’ll find something beautiful waiting for you there. But if you are looking for a specific flower, you can have a look at the flower calendar below:


Source: http://en.hitachikaihin.jp/flower-calendar.html

As much as the flowers attract visitors, it is the “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL” that made the park as famous as it is now. This festival is the biggest outdoor rock festival in Japan and in 2014, it attracted around two hundred-thousand visitors over four days. August is also the month for lavender so take the chance to rock your body with all the lavender surrounding you!


Hitachi Seaside Park
Address: 605-4 Onuma, Mawatari, Hitachinaka 312-0012, Ibaraki Prefecture
Opening Hours (from official site):

  • 9:30–17:00 (March 1 – July 20, September 1 – October 31)
  • 9:30–18:00 (July 21 – August 31)
  • 9:30–16:30 (November 1 – end of February)

Holidays (from official site):
Closed Mondays, EXCEPT as below
Closed on Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday.
Closed on December 31 and January 1 and for 4 days from the first Tuesday in February through the following Friday.
Please note that the park is open EVERY DAY during the following periods:

  • Spring: March 26 – May 31
  • Summer: July 21 – August 31
  • Fall: October 1 – 31

Access 1: Direct bus from Tokyo Station (two hours)
Ticket reservations using the link below
Access 2: Train from Ueno Station, Tokyo

Source: http://en.hitachikaihin.jp/access.html
Distance from airport: 40km from Ibaraki Airport
Official HP:
Hitachi Seaside Park: http://en.hitachikaihin.jp/
ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL: http://rijfes.jp/
Tel: +81 29-265-9001

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