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Welcome to the Kawaii World of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma!

What can be the cutest (kawaii in Japanese) in the true land of cuteness? The answer is obvious to me: Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty. They are so deeply entwined with Japanese culture that living in Tokyo means meeting them at least once a day. You will see Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty literally everywhere – on the kitchenware, tote bags, T-shirts and schedule books, at convenience stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and sweets shops.

Hello Kitty 01

They are literally everywhere, cooking, baking homemade cakes and cookies, sleeping, dancing, reading, cosplaying or just staring at you, and there is no other choice than to start loving them. I did.

Hello Kitty 02

Before coming to Tokyo I didn’t even know about them, but now I have a Rilakkuma bowl, a Hello Kitty pencil case and even as I’m writing this, I sip my tea from cute Rilakkuma mug. Did I mention my small Rilakkuma pillow?

Hello Kitty 03

And I have just found out that Korilakkuma is actually a girl! How cute!

I’m definitely not going to buy myself Rilakkuma kigurumi costume pajamas, but I kind of liked this limited version of Hello Kitty BB Mineral powder at the local drugstore. It must be a good buy to pair up with my Hello Kitty UV spray.

Hello Kitty 04

Can you believe that Hello Kitty turned 40 last year?

Hello Kitty 05

And I wish I had visited the Rilakkuma Café in Harajuku, which was open in 2013 for only one and a half months. Why don’t they open it on a regular basis? Meanwhile, visit Kiddy Land for an extra doze of cuteness and don’t forget that Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty goods are sold even at 100 yen shops.

Hello Kitty 06

Article by Olga Kaneda

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