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Happy Easter Sunday, Tokyo!

Happy Easter to you! If you are a Christian expat living in Japan too, you may also feel somewhat disconnected with your culture. Luckily, many Japanese businesses try to help us out and cater to our Easter needs.Happy EasterWell, if you expect to see Easter goods everywhere in Japan, you will be disappointed. Not so many shops actually sell dyes for the eggs, chocolate eggs, or other necessities. At least compared with Christmas items. But if look closer, you will find paper cups and plates with cute colored eggs, and other thrifty but very good decorations at 100 yen shops.

Instead, there too are many foods for Happy Easter out there, which are generally egg-shaped foods, or foods that contain eggs. This goes for pudding, fried eggs, pasta with egg sauce, egg-shaped sweet bread with different fillings, even Baskin Robbins Easter ice cream, and donuts, of course.Happy EasterHappy EasterSo, these days Tokyo was full of colorful eggs, chicks and bunnies. What (non-religious) symbols of Easter could be more proverbial? Well, most Japanese don’t think too much of Easter or its origins. But if they did, perhaps they would be surprised to know that it is an eclectic holiday that combines pagan and Christian traditions.Happy EasterThe coming of spring, Vernal Equinox, awakening of nature… Call it whatever you like, but those pagan roots apparently appeal to the Japanese. And also, Japanese people generally have a soft spot for chicks.Happy Easter

Article by Olga Kaneda

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