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Gyoza: Which Style do You Prefer? Fried or Boiled?

For those of you who are not familiar with gyoza, they are a type of dumpling filled with a minced pork and vegetable stuffing. In Japan, fried gyoza are by far the most popular style, while in China boiled gyoza seem to be preferred.
I’m not sure why fried gyoza are more popular. Perhaps because they are a better accompaniment to rice.

Gyoza setAt Gyozaya in the central market, you can eat delicious fried or boiled gyoza.
If you order the gyoza set, you will be served ten dumplings.

Fried gyoza Typically, Japanese-style gyoza have very thin skins, but in this restaurant, the skins are thick and firmly trap in the taste of the stuffing.
Thanks to this thick and slightly chewy skin, they are also perfect boiled.

Gyoza with source

Why not try some boiled gyoza at Gyozaya? The gyoza set allows you to choose a combination of fried and boiled dumplings. For example you can order six fried dumplings and four boiled dumplings. Or you can select only boiled dumplings.
Gyozaya has a long history and has been making dumplings in Saga for sixty years and it still attracts many customers with its delicious gyoza.
You can order gyoza to take out and you can even order prepared but uncooked dumplings to cook at home. This versatility and convenience is another reason for Gyozaya’s popularity.
So why not order some delicious gyoza to cook at home?


Gyozaya (ぎょうざ屋)
Address: Chuō Market, 2-2 Gofukumoto machi, Saga City
Telephone: 0952-29-5585
Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00
Regular Holidays: Tuesdays
Access 1: 15 minute walk south from Saga Station
Access 2: 5 minute walk from Saga prefectural office
Distance to airport: 12 km from Saga Airport
Menu Language: Japanese

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