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Gundam Statue – Odaiba Tokyo

Gundam is a well-known giant robot character from Japan which has been around since the 1970s but I came to know about it quite late. I heard of Gundam just before I came to Japan in 2014. My friend, who was an exchange student in Japan at the time, took a selfie in front of a giant robot statue which he posted on Facebook. My friend was very proud of this picture. Maybe one of my motivations to come and study in Japan was to take a picture in front of this giant robot statue.

I thought the robot statue was Voltus, because when I was kid I watched Voltus on my neighbor’s video cassette player and, to me, all giant robots were Voltus (besides Transformers). My friend laughed me. Voltus? Come on…this is a Gundam, Bro!! It is different to Voltus. In the anime, Gundam are mobile suits, operated by humans inside. No matter what they are, Gundam are awesome giant robot characters.

Gundam statue

Ever since I came to Japan in October 2014, one of my wishes has been to go to the Gundam statue. I searched for information about its location online and I found it in Odaiba. Luckily, it is not too far from where I live in Matsudo.

Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo bay created on reclaimed land. It was built during the Edo period to protect Tokyo from possible foreign attack. Now, this island has become a futuristic district of Tokyo.

The Gundam Statue is located in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza, not too far from the Fuji TV Building and Rainbow Bridge. If you go to Odaiba, there’s plenty to do besides the statue and you can also visit Rainbow Bridge and Liberty statue. The Gundam statue is outdoors so there’s no charge to see it or take pictures. It is a 1/1 scale model of Gundam which stands 18 meters tall. Toys on the market vary in size from 1/144, 1/50. You can create beautiful and monumental photographs around the Gundam statue. Many people visit this place every day so be careful when you are looking up at the statue taking pictures because you might bump into someone walking, standing or sitting on the grass around the statue.

The best time to visit the Gundam statue is in the late afternoon. After 5 pm, colorful lights light up the statue, making it look even more beautiful. And when music begins to play in the background, it means that Gundam’s head will move. You might feel that the statue is coming alive! My son was really happy. My family and I all had a great time visiting this place. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.

Gundam Statue at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Odaiba

Address: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access: 15 minutes by train from Shinbashi (Yurikamome line) to Daiba + 7-minute walk.
Access 2: 15 minutes by Limousine bus from Haneda Airport. 15 minutes From Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail to Tennozu Isle + 3 minutes to Tokyo Teleport on Rinkai line + 3 minute walk. 60 minutes by Limousine bus from Narita Airport.
Distance from airport: 13 km from Haneda Airport, 70 km from Narita Airport

Article: A. A. Hadi

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