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Go-Ya Rent-a-Car: by far the best value in Okinawa

Flying into Okinawa Hontou and need to rent a car on a budget? Japan Local Guide has the inside track…

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As a regular of the fly-drive into Naha, I can say that Go-Ya Rent-a-Car is by far the best for value, quality, and customer service (and yes I had previous experience of Mazda and other top name car rental brands). It came recommended by an Okinawan colleague who gave it 10 out of 10, and I’d second that.

I have used this company at least 12 times in the past 5 years and never once had a problem with a vehicle or a booking. (NOTE: You do need to reserve your car well in advance… it’s very hard to get a last minute car rental in Okinawa, without shelling out a fortune). You can reserve by phone or e-mail. If you are a teacher, ask about any discount offer they may have (public school teachers working on the outer islands, who fly into Okinawa regularly, are certainly given special discounts, so it’s always worth asking).

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I always opted for the car that came in at about ¥2,000 per day, which comfortably took me all over the island.  Their cars are always clean and renewed regularly. If you need anything special, for example a child seat, they are very obliging (at no extra charge). The big Goya (Bitter Melon) sticker on the back is also a big help when you are trying to find your car in a parking lot.

A Go-ya Rep will pick you up from the airport (just call them as you are waiting for your bags on the carousel) and drive you to their garage which is no more than a 10 min drive from Naha Airport. Their office is also just 10 mins from  Ashibina Outlet Mall [see ‘Driving in Okinawa’]. Do make sure you have cash on you, as you will have to pay in advance (and there are not ATMs nearby). Within 30 mins of pick-up, you can expect to be on the road, with a full tank of petrol.

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All their cars come with a Japanese Navi System and the staff will kindly show you how to use it, set it up for your destination. (Just press the ‘home’ icon get you back to Goya for drop-off at the end of your trip). Do ask them to tune you in to AFN Wave (the US Military Radio station) –  it’s all part of a fascinating Okinawan experience!

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If you have never driven in Okinawa before, be sure to check out our post: ‘Driving in Okinawa’.

ADDRESS   瀬長95-1 Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 9010233

PHONE  098-840-6584

HOURS   9:00AM – 8:00PM





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