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Holiday in Paradise: Fusaki beach and Angel Pier in Ishigaki

It was the most romantic place I’ve ever been in my whole life… I want to go back. At least in my memories, I stroll along the beach, look at the crystal-clear blue water, play with the white sand, and ring the bell at Angel Pier.


Maybe I would even get married again just for the unforgettable ceremony and photo session at Fusaki beach! I believe that happy couples take their marriage vows there every single day in summer. It is a wonderful sight with the ocean, tropical flowers and, of course, the beautiful bride.

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I am not sure that you will see the green sea turtles as advertisements promise, but it is a perfect chance to scuba dive or snorkel anyway. The ocean, colorful fish and coral are waiting for you!



As for me, my favorite pastime is to lie lazily on a sunbed under a big umbrella on the beach and snack on finger-licking local sweets.


Although Fusaki beach is located close to Kabira Bay (one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Japan), it is impossible to walk between the spots. You will need to rent a bicycle, a car or take a taxi. Waiting for the bus is another option, but the island is rather sleepy and buses don’t run often.


Fusaki Resort Village
Address: Okinawa, Ishigaki, Arakawafusaki 1625 Fusaki Resort Village
Access: By taxi or by bus from Ishigaki airport.
Open: End of March – end of October.
Distance from airport: About 16 km from Ishigaki Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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