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Fuglen Tokyo – Difficult to get in, difficult to get out

The name of this cafe is already intriguing – “Fuglen”. Someone told me that it means a mere “bird” in Norwegian, I imagined that the word meant something more mysterious.


Luckily, it turned out to be my only disappointment about this little espresso and cocktail corner shop. Although it is stylish and hip, Fuglen’s “aftertaste” is old-fashioned, with hints of wood, cinnamon, and jazz.

FuglenThe place actually opened in 2012 and quickly became popular. Japanese people like Nordic culture, and good coffee from light-roasted citrusy beans is also getting more and more popular. You can also buy vintage Norwegian furniture here. And coffee beans, of course.


We visited on a Sunday afternoon, so finding two seats side-by-side was a real challenge. But then a very nice young man noticed our problem and moved to another seat. We had finally landed, and could get to the next step – getting something to drink and, in my case, something sweet to eat.

FuglenI had been planning to visit Fuglen for a rather long time and I am a coffee lover (or addict?). Naturally, I firmly decided to try one of their coffee-based drinks. It is often said that coffee at Fuglen is one of the best in Japan. As I found out later, espresso for my cappuccino was pulled on a Slayer espresso machine. Indeed, it tasted way better than your average espresso drink at a typical third-wave coffee shop. The oatmeal cookie with raspberry jam was big and delectable but rather overpriced.

FuglenMy friend ordered an iced chocolate milk (a wasted opportunity to try a great tasting coffee, if you ask me).


After our drinks were finished and our conversation was over, it was difficult to get out. The place was so crowded that it was almost uncomfortable.

After dark, Fuglen transforms into a cocktail bar, so don’t be afraid – a visit there does not necessarily guarantee you a caffeine-driven sleepless night!Fuglen

Fuglen Tokyo

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Tomigaya 1-16-11
Access 1:  6 min. walk from Yoyogikoen Station, Exit 4
Access 2: 14 min. walk from Shibuya Station, Exit 6
Open: Mondays, Tuesdays – 8AM~10PM, Wednesday, Thursday – 8AM~1AM, Friday – 8AM~2AM, Saturday, Sunday – 10AM~2AM
Closed: no regular holidays
Phone: 03-3481-0884
Distance from airport: About 74 km from Narita Airport
Official website: http://www.fuglen.com/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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