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Forest and Park for the 21st Century, Tokiwadaira

Tokiwadaira is a part of Matsudo city, Chiba Prefecture where my family and I live. Recreation is very important for us in order to avoid boredom living in this little town. On one particular day we were looking for something to do but only had a small budget to work with so I searched for  the nearest green open space using google map on my Smartphone. I found a large green area with a body of water close by. When I showed it to my wife and son, we decided to go to the park that day. It was only about 20 minutes-walk from our house.

The park is located near the Shinkeisei line and I did not realize that I passed it every day because it is hidden behind two big buildings, the 21st century Hall and the Nishi Chiba Hospital. As such you cannot see it from the train. We arrived at a large gate with steps descending to a plaza. We thought the information center in the middle of the plaza was a ticketing booth but we were very happy to find that there was no charge to enter the park.

Forest & Park Tokiwadaira 1

Information center

I was surprised that this large park was so beautiful and well-managed. We picnicked on a large lawn there. Nearby, there was also a long meandering stream for children to paddle in with a natural design and clean water. We sat down under a tree near the stream so that it was easy for us to watch our son play near it. Although there was a sign instructing visitors not to catch insects, I could not stop my son chasing grasshoppers! The grasshoppers are unusual for us because they are blue, different from grasshoppers in our neighborhood.


Large Lawn

Forest & Park Tokiwadaira 3

Stream with Rocks and Clean Water

A large road bridge crosses over the park but it is designed beautifully so it blends in with the park, creating a nice view. It looks like a huge gate leading to the other side of the park with the large Sendabori pond. The pond is the main attraction of this park. Part of the pond has a modern design, with a park center & exhibition center, cafeteria, plaza, and a steam attraction. There are also beds of marigolds near the plaza. You can sit on some benches in the middle of the flower beds and look over the flowers to the pond. The other part of the pond is designed to look natural, with tall grass, water plants, ducks, birds and fish.


The Big Road Bridge looks like a Gate to the other Side of the Park

Forest & Park Tokiwadaira 5

Sendabori Pond


Water Steam Attraction near the Pond

Forest & Park Tokiwadaira 7

Marigold Flower Beds

We really enjoyed our time in this park.

The park is open every day except over New Year and is a perfect choice for those of you who’d like to walk, picnic, jog, take photos or learn about nature.


Forest and Park for the 21st Century (21世紀の森と広場)
Address: ‪269 Sendabori, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture 270-2252
Website: http://www.city.matsudo.chiba.jp/shisetsu-guide/kouen_ryokuka/top/
Opening hours:

Park: 9 am to 5 pm (Opening hours vary depending on the season: 9 am to 4:30 pm over the winter months, and 9 am to 6:30 pm in the summer months)
Regular holidays: New year holidays (Dec. 30~ Jan./1)

Park center and Observatory: 9 am to 4:30 pm (again closing time varies by season)
Regular holidays: Mondays, Dec. 28 ~ Jan. 4.
Distance from airport: About 45 km from Narita Airport

Article: A. A. Hadi




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