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Flowers on White Day – Mission impossible?

Japanese people do not have a tradition of giving flowers to women. Well, maybe apart from the carnations on Mother’s Day. As far as I know, a typical flower shop delivers bouquets for companies, usually orchids for the openings of new shops or other major events, and also for funerals. Then there are potted flowers, and freshly cut flowers that the Japanese usually buy to decorate their homes.White DayHere in Japan man don’t give flowers to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, but some shops like to promote this idea, and also giving flowers on White Day.White Day

For the sheer sake of increasing their sales, of course. However, if it works, I will only be happy. So far I have received flowers from my Japanese husband only before we got married, and it was in my home country, not in Japan. I should say in his defense that it was a giant bouquet and I will never forget that experience. But in Tokyo it is almost impossible to make a Japanese man buy you flowers. You may complain, you may ask, you may quarrel with him, but it’s just his mentality. So this I White Day gave him a cactus. That was a stress-free way to make our house more beautiful.White DayTo be honest, I didn’t receive flowers that often from other, non-Japanese, man. So I guess we will just have to wait when this European fashion will kick in in Japan.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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