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“Face cover” – to Cover your Face, Of Course!

“Please use this!” A member of staff in a fashion shop says this in Japanese to you in a high-pitched and cheerful voice, pointing at a box on the floor of the fitting room.

Box in fitting room

“What is this?”

That is the question that pops into your head; but in front of her big smile, you don’t want to look stupid (since that smile suggests anything BUT you don’t know what on earth that is). And before you can phrase your question in a smart way, the door of the fitting room is closed.

Still, you feel like you need to use it somehow. So you take out one of these white translucent fiber sheets, and – you put it on the floor in the corner. Or in some cases, you might put it on top of the carpet and use it as an extra carpet (which means you are standing on a double-layer carpet!)

Then, you start to focus on the cute Japanese clothes that you have chosen, posing yourself in front of the mirror. After trying on all the clothes (again and again), you are satisfied. You open the door of the fitting room and tell the staff the clothes you want in a voice more cheerful than the staff, as if you two are having a competition in cheerfulness. The sheet is left at a lone corner, or laid flat on the carpet having been stepped on many times. The next second, it will be thrown away by the staff.

What a waste.

“Please use this, customer!”

The second time, it is better – you find a name written on the box that says “face cover.”

face cover box


So you get it this time (or so you think), this fabric sheet has to do with your face.

But what? Surely, they don’t expect you to cover your face the way a thief covers his face with a paper bag with two tiny holes for the eyes (and this sheet doesn’t even have those holes); and what does it have it to do with the whole fitting process, anyway? You try to come up with imaginative ways that have to do with your face before your attention is back to the lovely clothes. The rest is the same.

Demonstration of face cover

Source: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/hanger-web/10014029/

Don’t over-complicate it. Face cover literally means a sheet to cover your face, and they are to protect new clothes from the make up on your face, such as red lipstick or foundation.

Only the Japanese, right?

Article by Eva

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