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Exciting world of chemistry at French cafe Coutume in Aoyama

Did you like chemistry in school? I only loved the fun experiments, but boring formulas made me sleepy. A stylish cafe Coutume from Paris will immerse you into the atmosphere of a pristine school laboratory. And the best part is that there will be no strict teachers or lab coats.Cafe CoutumeCafe CoutumeInstead, you get some of your own equipment and plenty of room for experiments. Certainly, the ones where you decide what cake will match your drink, or what type of lunch you are up to today. Nevertheless, the fun is guaranteed.Cafe CoutumeAlthough it has a great cafe culture, Paris is surprisingly not renowned for its great-tasting coffee. But recently the things are getting significantly better, especially if you visit with Coutume – one the leading coffee shops of the third wave.Cafe CoutumeAn unusual type of coffee called Steampunk attracted my attention right after the white tiled counter. Steampunk brewer was called so because its creation was inspired by a 19-th century industrial steam-powered engine, just like steampunk science fiction.Cafe CoutumeCafe CoutumeAfter finding this out, getting a latte would be predictable and boring, so of course I went with a specialty of cafe Coutume – Steampunk. I wish the staff had warned me when I was ordering a medium size. The beaker glass coffee pot turned out to be huge!Cafe CoutumeCafe CoutumeIt was literally calling for a nice dessert. I was thinking about a piece of carrot cake, but then followed my friend’s example and ordered this one. As far as I remember, it was a honey cake.Cafe CoutumeAs Coutume is a cafe, not only a coffee shop. Besides desserts it offers quiches, pancakes, eggs Benedict, tartines, salads. It is located next to Granny Smith Apple Pie and Coffee in Aoyama, which was actually our primary destination. However, the wait was about one hour and I don’t regret that we checked out cafe Coutume.


Cafe Coutume

Address: Tokyo, Minato, Minami-Aoyama 5-8-10
Distance to Airport: 17 km from Haneda Airport
Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Open: every day
Phone: 03-6418-5325
Access 1: 2 min. walk from Omotesando Station, Exit B2
Access 2: 15 min. walk from JR Harajuku Station, Omotesando Gate
Official website (only in Japanese): http://coutume.jp/#/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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