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Edoya Odaiba – Dive into the fascinating world of retro sweets and toys

I love that sensation of the first minutes (maybe even hours) of visiting Odaiba. You are still savoring the possibilities, hesitating to make a choice… You are just about to immerse yourself into retro Americana, or even Hawaii, when you see an equally nostalgic Japanese sweets (dagashi) store from the ’60s, Edoya Odaiba. It is also called a ‘Tower Department Store’ (タワーデパート).Edoya Odaiba

The most popular words you will hear at Edoya Odaiba: from older Japanese people – ‘Natshukashii!’ (Brings back memories!), from younger Japanese – ‘Super kawaii!’, and from us foreigners – ‘What is it?’ or ‘Is this even edible?!’Edoya OdaibaDagashi (駄菓子) are very traditional Japanese penny-candy sweets. Chinese character 駄 can be translated as low-grade.  All Japanese kids were longing for those low quality, but low-priced candies through the end of Edo to almost the end of Showa Era. Samurai and nobility could afford to buy good-quality, expensive sweets, but common people in Edo times had to count every coin. That is why mom-and-pop dagashi shops with 5-10 yen candies came into existence and became popular. Nowadays dagashi prices are various but still not very high.Edoya Odaiba

As times changed, people became more demanding in terms of food and can generally afford to spend more, dagashi became a sweet little memory. And maybe that isn’t that bad because, frankly speaking, it is a weird-looking junk food. I’ve tried a bite of 60 yen “tonkatsu”, and it tasted exactly like my husband predicted it would – disgusting.Edoya OdaibaEdoya OdaibaBut I like sembei, drinking jelly, bon bons (飴玉, amedama), chocolate covered castella, kompeito (金平糖), and many other interesting sweets.Edoya OdaibaEdoya OdaibaHere in Edoya Odaiba you can also find drinks such as soda pop (ramune), lemonade and coca-cola in bottles, old Japanese games, toys, toy jewellery etc.Edoya OdaibaEdoya OdaibaEdoya Odaiba

The shop is located next to Odaiba Ghost House (Obakeyashiki), so you will hear terrifying screams while shopping!


Edoya Odaiba

Address: Tokyo, Minato, Daiba 1-6-1 DECKS Tokyo Beach 4F
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM
Regular Holidays: none
Telephone: 03-3599-6778
Access 1:3 min. walk from Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station
Access 2: 6 min. walk from Daiba Station
Distance from airport: About 15 km from Haneda Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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