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Eating, dancing, and jamming in Odaiba – at Brazilian Carnival!

When someone refers to a festival in Tokyo, my imagination immediately starts drawing a vivid picture: colorful decorations, numerous food stalls, and lively performances, and somehow Yoyogi Park. But there is another place in Tokyo that has the reputation for holding great festivals – the island of Odaiba. Last weekend it was proven once again. Actually, the carnival started on Friday, but I visited there on Sunday, the busiest day for any festival.Odaiba Brazilian FestivalBrazilian Carnival wasn’t exactly a Carnival (with parade and all), but nevertheless it was an enjoyable event in Odaiba’s Symbol Promenade Park. The only nuisance I’ve experienced was the necessity to buy food tickets (each – 100 yen) and a wrist band (200 yen) to be able to buy food and drinks at stalls. You could not pay with money.Odaiba Brazilian FestivalOdaiba Brazilian FestivalBrazil is famous for churrasco, grilled beef and meat in general, and queijo coalho, or grilled cheese.Odaiba Brazilian CarnivalBoth foods are popular among beach-goers, and churrascaria is a Brazilian equivalent to steak house.Odaiba Brazilian FestivalThis chewy Turkish ice-cream was a real hit with children. Please pay attention to the face of ice-cream vendor!Odaiba Brazilian Festival

Pulseira is a traditional Brazilian wristband. You could buy or order a custom-made pulseira at the carnival.Odaiba Brazilian FestivalThe traditional music styles of Brazil are samba, bossa nova, funk carioka, and even lambada! The one that everyone of my age seemed to enjoy in their teens or childhood (sadly enough, I can’t remember exactly). There are much more styles, but they are not as popular and wide-spread as the ones that were featured at the Brazilian Carnival in Odaiba.Odaiba Brazilian CarnivalSeveral musicians were jamming and the public gladly joined them. Some people tried to dance to their improvisation. Even I felt my own body moving to the rhythms of upbeat music. Dis you know that there are various kinds of samba, even samba-reggae?Odaiba Brazilian Festival


Brazilian Carnival

Address: Tokyo, Koto Ward, Aomi 1-1 West Promenade

Access 1: a short walk from Daiba Station

Access 2: 5 min. walk from Aomi Station

Official website (only in Japanese): http://www.nrg.co.jp/nikkenlease/brazil-carnival/

Distance from airport: About 15 km from Haneda Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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