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Time to eat Donuts! at Good Town Doughnuts

Have you been wondering what Japan’s latest food fancy is? Predictably enough, it is one of the best American inventions – the donut (or doughnuts, if you like). Finally they have come out of the shadow. They are sold almost everywhere now, therefore, satisfying your craving becomes easier literally every day. Seven Eleven constantly launches new lines of donuts, this time my favorite is the one glazed with salty caramel.


Actually, it all started at Seven Eleven. With a cheap and big cup of coffee to pair it up with, it was just a question of time. The bitterness of coffee balances out the sweet and greasy taste of donuts. But for me, the perfect combination is «donut + milk». Some stores offer smoothies and other drinks as well.


Store-bought donuts may cost only a fraction of those at «Good town doughnuts» in Jingumae, but they are not as fluffy and filling as the latter. I like to stop by «Good town» and enjoy the atmosphere. Just don’t be surprised when you see a tiny Japanese schoolgirl ordering two big donuts. It’s very trendy.


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Donuts usually come in two types; the «ring donut» (with a hole) or the «filled donut» (without a hole).

The most famous filled donuts called «malasadas» are made in Hawaii. Fillings like banana milk, strawberry and mocha are so very tempting. I’m definitely not a fan of Japanese-style donuts with sweetened red bean paste (anko), but karintou (deep fried dough cake with brown sugar) donuts are simply divine!

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«Good town doughnuts»

Open: 10:30~21:00 (every day)

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya ku, Jingumae, 6-12-6 J-cube B 1F

Access 1: 7 min. walk from Meiji-jingumae st.

Access 2: 10 min. walk from Shibuya st.

Distance from airport: About 18 km from Haneda Airport, 74 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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