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Come meet the animals at Dongurimura. Your children will love it.

Nestled in the mountains between Saga and Fukuoka, near the town of Mitsuze, is a lovely little farm park called Dongurimura. This picturesque park was created in the image of a rural French village and its meadows cover an impressive 750,000 m².

Dongurimura 1

Dongurimura view

It is home to various livestock including ponies, goats, rabbits and pigs. Even in rural Saga, you rarely see farm animals so it’s nice to give your children the opportunity to meet some real animals up close.

If you take a right after the entrance and walk up the hill, the first animals you will encounter are the goats.

Dongurimura goat

They are tame enough to pet and you can buy small containers of pellets or vegetables to feed to them.

Dongurimura animal food

If you visit in spring you are likely to see some new additions. The goat kids were adorable!

Dongurimura baby goats

Right next door are the ponies which you can also pet and feed.

Dongurimura horses

You can even take a short pony ride.

Dongurimura horses

Continuing up the road you’ll come to the animal house. Admission is an extra 300 yen per family but we received a coupon to redeem for an ice cream so I didn’t mind the extra cost. Inside you can pet rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats and pigs.

Dongurimura feeding rabbits
For an additional 300 yen you can take one of the goats for a walk!
Dongurimura goats

Don’t forget to cash in your free ticket at the milk factory before you continue your journey. We received a free ice cream!

 If you still have some energy, I‘d recommend continuing along the road instead of heading back the same way. This takes you the whole way around the park and back to the entrance. It is quite a trek, but it’s peaceful and pretty.

Donguri mura (どんぐり村)
Address: 2234-67 Yuzuriha, Mitsusemura, Saga-shi, Saga-ken 842-0303
Telephone: 0952-56-2141
Access 1: 45 minute drive from JR Saga station or 30 minute drive from Saga Yamato IC (Nagasaki Expressway)
Distance to airport: About 30km from Saga Airport, about 35km from Fukuoka Airport
HP: http://www.dongurimura.com/main/13.html


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