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Do Japanese people like drinking black tea?

Straight black tea

Black tea isn’t exactly black in Japanese. Chinese character 紅 in 紅茶 (こうちゃ) actually mean “crimson; deep red”, or even “scarlet”. In the West we actually refer to the color or the tea leaves; in China, Japan, Korea, India and Bangladesh people describe the color of the drink made from those leaves.Black teaDrinking straight black tea is the most popular option, and you can get as much of it as you want at a convenience store, supermarket, or a cafe. However, as I was doing a research for this article, I realized that of 10 vending machines only one will provide straight black tea (no sugar, no milk). Normally you can choose from Assam, Darjeeng, Dimbula, Kandi, and Ceylon.Black teaBlack tea

Milk tea

A more popular drink with black tea is milk tea.Royal milk tea with Black tea

A variation of milk tea you will not find abroad is the Royal Milk Tea, my husband’s absolute favorite. As a typical Japanese, he is lactose intolerant, but never stops drinking Royal Milk Tea at coffee and tea shops, and of course at home. So I had to learn how to make it! Sometimes people call it a Japanese royal tea. Royal milk tea was invented by Lipton Japan.Royal milk tea with Black tea

Lemon tea

In a fancy tea salon you will be offered milk or a lemon slice to add to you tea, and I can assure it would be REAL cream and lemon. In a regular cafe you will probably have an option to add coffee creamer (ミルク) or liquid lemon to your cup.Liquid lemon for Black tea

The Japanese haven’t always been fond of black tea with lemon. Back in the 60’s, not many people even knew how to use lemon. Until Sunkist introduced this new, “American” fashion.Black tea with lemonEven now adding a slice of lemon or a lemon liquid to your black tea in the conscience of Japanese is deeply connected with being in vogue.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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