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Do foxes have weddings? In Japan, they do!

Foxes are called kitsune (狐) in Japanese. They are not just wild animals, they are also a kind of Yokai, monsters that like to play tricks on humans. But sometimes they reward people who give them their favorite food, aburaage (油揚げ) – deep fried tofu.

The foxes also get married in Japan!FoxesActually, kitsune no yomeiri, or the Fox’s Wedding, can mean several things. It is the name for sun shower, a rainfall while the sun is shining. The Japanese think that this meteorological phenomenon is just another trick of skittish foxes. But to be honest, in many cultures people give the sun shower similar names.

If you are interested in legends about foxes’ weddings but not particularly good at Japanese, there are many classic stories and translations of legends from Edo Period in English. If your Japanese skills are more than average, you can ask your Japanese friends from areas other than Tokyo about legends of their region.FoxesFor example, a friend of mine, Kyoko Takahashi from Ibaraki Prefecture told me about a beautiful ceremony at the sea. An old man was allowed to see it after helping foxes get some aburaage. They even gave him enough money to buy it, so actually he was rewarded for his kindness and cooperation. The same friend said that she a couple of some foxes wedding, also known as kitsune-bi (foxfire, or will-o’-the-wisp) in the woods and mountains late at night. She is an artist, and that became a great source of inspiration for her.Foxes

Article by Olga Kaneda

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