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Feel at home with Nara Yoshitomo at an Izakaya in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Izakaya is an essential part of Japanese life: drunken university days in those cheap Izakaya chains, where young adults try to grasp a sense of what it is like to be a real adult, talking big about their future dreams that fade away with the morning Sun. The narrow alleys called “Yokocho 横丁” are packed with small Izakayas and their air condensed with the alcoholic breath of standing salarymen. They pour their bosses glass after glass of alcohol, trying hard to please them with jokes that they don’t find funny.

But some Izakaya are homely places. Customers visit after work and they chat with the boss like they were old friends. They have their favourite bottles stored there so they can always go back to that taste they love.

Izakaya in Daikanyama

Looking at the shelves of Japanese wine, on each bottle you can find the name of its owner. From these tiny wooden platelets, you feel like you get to know a little about the people here: the little doggie picture they drew, or the beautiful pen-stroke that marked the wood proudly.

Located in the trendy area of Daikanyama, Tokyo, “Tatemichiya” is hidden in a basement and normally only those in the know will come. But if you are lucky enough to come across its entrance, you will already get an idea that the place is different from a regular Izakaya.

Nara Yoshitomo

If you are a fan of Japanese contemporary art, you will recognize this drawing immediately – yes, this is drawn by the famous contemporary artist Nara Yoshitomo. He is a big fan of this Izakaya and inside the place, there is even a wall with his drawings.

Besides Yoshimoto, many regular customers have also left their traces on the wall.

posters on wall

The posters on the wall give you a sense of the atmosphere here – punk rock in the 70s, like Sex Pistols and Ramones. You can feel this atmosphere from its background music and decorations as well. This place is a nice departure in Daikanyama, a sophisticated area packed with cafés.

izakaya_04 izakaya_05

Come here to leave your trace as well!


Address : B1F, 30-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 5459 3431
Access 1: a 5-min walk from Daikanyama Station
Access 2: a 5-min walk from Nakameguro station
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6pm-4am; Sat, Sun & holidays 6pm-midnight
Regular Holidays: None
Distance from airport: 20km from Haneda airport

Article by Eva

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