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Costco Kawasaki without a car

As people who plan to buy a lot when we finally get to Costco, we usually go there by car. But the last time I went my husband was busy working and I decided to go there alone. I was looking forward to hours of wandering among giant shelves, picking up goods I like and actually reading the label before putting them into my shopping cart, sampling a new Starbucks coffee blend… You know, the kind of stuff you do when nobody is rushing you.

FullSizeRender__2___1441778908_23378On Sunday morning I ate a light breakfast, having in mind Costco’s pizza or a hot dog for lunch. At Kawasaki station I strayed from the bus station to visit the local Book Off branch. So around noon I finally got on a bus heading for Costco. After a ride full of uncertainty and fear that I would miss my stop, I was finally rewarded. Kawasaki Costco was located just a two minute walk from the bus stop.FullSizeRender__3___1441778713_64823Finally I got inside. A big shopping cart, showing the member’s card, and freedom! Nobody was whining or rushing me, and I could do whatever I wanted. But very soon things got messy. Sunday is the day when most people have free time and come to Costco to shop.FullSizeRender__5___1441780836_42974Maneuvering an enormous shopping cart was becoming harder and harder the closer I came to the food section. Somehow, the cheese stand wasn’t crowded at all.IMG_4322__1441781659_98424 (1)It was like a cart race. After tasting some New Zealand wine I decided that I needed to get out fast. I grabbed a pack of the popular dinner rolls and tried to make my way to the register. It took me some time to leave the battlefield, though.FullSizeRender__1441778016_98505At last I had my hands on a huge 300 yen slice of cheese pizza. It tasted delicious at first, but after 5 minutes of chewing I had to make myself finish it.FullSizeRender__4___1441780785_79615The bottom line of my trip is that I’m unlikely to go back soon and certainly not alone.FullSizeRender__6___1441780869_53135


Costco Kawasaki
Address: Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Ikegami-Shincho 3-1-4
Access: Bus (#14, 21) from Kawasaki station
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Distance to airport: About 6 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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