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Classy and Elegant Lace Dolls Exhibition in Den-en-chofu

I accidentally came to Den-en-chofu, and decided to make the most of it by exploring the neighborhood. Actually, there is not much to explore. “The garden suburb of Chofu”, as it is translated from Japanese, is indeed a quiet suburbia. But wait! The area around Den-en-chofu station is far from exiting, however it is definitely charming and can offer a lot of unexpected pleasures. Once you exit it, turn right and cross the street. A few steps away you will see a signboard with beautiful women.Lace DollsThis is a temporary exhibition I stumbled upon during my visit. As you come closer, you will see that those are not women, but classy, elegant porcelain dolls wearing elaborate lace dresses. Step inside the hall. It seems that these Lace Dolls are alive, doesn’t it?Lace DollsAll this beauty was lovingly made by a Japanese artist Tomoko Yamamoto, who specializes in European art and crafts.Lace Dolls

Lace Doll is an abbreviation for Lace Draped Doll. They originated in Germany in the beginning of 18th century. Lace Dolls have always enchanted me. As a child raised in Europe, I used to stare at those old dolls wherever I could find them, dreaming that one day I would own one.Lace DollsNow I am an adult but I still can’t afford it, but this fact didn’t stop me from being euphoric just because I could see my forgotten friends once again.Lace DollsThere are also miniature dollhouses and shadow boxes, so don’t expect to get out of the exhibition really quickly.Lace DollsLace DollsIt took me about a half an hour to look at every single piece of art and take photos of the best ones.Lace DollsLace DollsIf you are not exactly ready to buy lace dolls (and so that you know, the prices are quite high), you can always take this free postcard. That is, if they haven’t run out of these postcards yet.Lace Dolls


Address: Tokyo, Ota-ku, Den-en-chofu 2-49-16 Community Place
Access: a short walk from Den-en-chofu Station
Phone: 03-3463-9376
Opening Hours: 10 AM − 6 PM
Regular Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday
Entrance Fee: Free
Distance to airport: 12 km from Haneda Airport
Official website of the artist (only in Japanese): http://www.little-gallery.jp

Article by Olga Kaneda

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