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Saga’s Downtown Cinema Resurrected as an Independent Cinema, CIEMA!

At one time cinemas were located at the heart of each city or town and it was the highlight of the month to gather there to watch the latest movie on the big screen.

Times have changed since then and now, instead of a one or two-screen cinema in town there are large multi-screen movie theatre complexes (cinicon as we refer to them) located on the outskirts of town where there’s plenty of space. There are two theatre complexes in Saga, Aeon Cinema Saga Yamato and 109 Cinema in Mallage. After these opened, the downtown cinema closed.

However, our fondness for retro has resulted in a comeback for the old downtown cinema, now known as CIEMA, which is again showing movies in town. The attraction of CIEMA is that it screens a range of independent films from around the world, which can’t normally be seen in the large cinema complexes.

CIEMA is located on the 3rd floor of the old building which also houses a Karaoke bar and Izakaya (a Japanese pub/restaurant).

Look for this sign!

Follow the arrows to the elevator in the back and go up to the third floor
There’s a cafe space on the left as you exit the elevator on the third floor.
Entrance Sign
The cafe space is a renovated cinema room.
Screen and drink

Whether you are going to watch a movie or are simply having coffee or lunch in the cafe, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the old-style cinema with its high ceiling, large screen and projection room windows.
In the cinema room beyond the cafe you can watch whichever movie is being screened. Tickets are on sale in the cafe.


Address: Central Plaza 3 F, Matsubara 2-14-16, Saga City
Telephone: 0952-27-5116
Opening Hours: According to the screening schedule
Regular Holidays:
Access 1: 20 minute walk from Saga Station
Access 2:
Distance to airport: 11 km from Saga Airport
Religious info:
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards:

Ticket prices: 
Adult: 1700 yen
High school/University: 1500 yen
Primary/Junior high: 1000 yen
Toddlers (age 3-6): 900 yen
Senior citizens (over 60): 1100 yen
Guests with disability passes and carers: 1000 yen

Special discounts
Morning show: 1200 yen (first morning screening on weekdays)
Ladies day: 1100 yen (every Wednesday – Ladies only!)
Movie Day: 1100 yen (1st of each month)
Over 50 couple discount: 1,100 yen (at least one of the couple must be over 50)
High school friendship discount: 1000 yen (three or more high school students.
※ Please show valid ID for concessions.

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