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Cherry blossoms and amusing graffiti along Meguro River

Meguro River is popular in winter and spring. People come here to see the blue lights between Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day, and to enjoy pinky white endless corridors of cherry blossoms. Somehow I haven’t seen the blue lights yet, but every year I go to enjoy sever kilometers of sakura along the Meguro River with thousands of other people from Tokyo as well as from other places in Japan.

Meguro River sakuraLast year I came here during the day and it was much less crowded. This year I came at dusk and enjoyed the magic of illuminated cherry blossom trees and the mysterious glowing water.

Meguro River sakuraIf you walk from Meguro Station, will find this colorful and entertaining graffiti on the way. Many people stop by to take photos.

Meguro River sakura and graffitiMeguro River graffityMeguro River graffityElegant Western ladies and cute little girls are drinking tea, showing off their stylish outfits, others are talking over the telephone; a man is adoring a woman; kids don’t cry, and there are no bad hair days.

Meguro River graffityMeguro River graffitiLife is perfect in these pictures. They were drawn in 2011 by volunteers who graduated from Tokyo public high school of art. Although the pictures don’t look shiny and new after five years, and there is some new graffiti over them, they still attract attention.

Meguro River graffityMeguro River graffity


Meguro River Cherry Blossoms and Graffity

Address: Tokyo, Meguro, Oohashi 1-9
Access: 10 minutes walk from Meguro Station
Distance to Airport: 23 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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