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Konekuri House Cafe: Where Old and New Coexist

Try to image a mixture of traditional and modern. For example, what would Miku Hatsune (vocaloid) dressed as a Maiko (apprentice geisha) look like? It’s difficult to image isn’t it.

However,  there’s a cafe in Saga which combines the very old and very new. It’s called Konekuriya and is located on the first floor of a 100-year-old building. Their lunch menu offers both Japanese and Western style dishes lunch. I ordered the quiche.

quiche lunch
Coffee and cakes are also available, as well as sake from Saga in this unique cafe. But that’s not all that’s unique about this cafe. Just have a look at the interior. Though renovated, the cafe retains the atmosphere of the old wooden house in which it is housed. You can choose to sit on a zabuton (floor cushion) on the tatami or on a chair or sofa but either way you have to remove your shoes before you step up into the house. This is a tradition handed down for many years in Japan.
cafe inside
On display are some traditional cups and bowls which you might expect to have been made around the time the house was built.
tea cups
Meanwhile, in the same area you’ll also find a very modern robot. His name is Pepper and he’s the world’s first emotion recognition robot.
modern robot Pepper

modern robot Pepper
This space, where old and new come together, is in a way, reflective of Japanese culture itself which has traditionally embraced the new while retaining the old.

For those of you who like traditional Japanese things but are also interested in something a little different, I’d recommend this cafe.
There’s a kimono rental shop on the second floor so why not spend the afternoon in a kimono? Have a look at the following page for information on kimono rentals: Take a stroll around town in an elegant Kimono!


Address: The Old Hisatomo House 1F, 4-16-201 Yanagimachi, Saga City.
Telephone: 0952-37-6905
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 17:00
Regular Holidays: Mondays, Last Tuesday of each month.
Access 1: 10 min drive from Saga station
Access 2: 20 min walk from Saga station
Distance to airport: 11 km from Saga Airport
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards:
HP:Yosooi-dokoro Futaba

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