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Bridge Coffee and Ice-cream: Urban ambience by Sturdy Style

I was attracted to this cafe in Kappabashi Dori, Asakusa because of its industrial chic decor. Appearances do matter to me, after all. My husband was attracted to Bridge Coffee and Ice-cream because of the ice-cream. Bridge“Bridge” coffee & ice-cream shares the place with an architecture company Sturdy Style. Actually, there’s not too much space for the customers, just enough to seat 20 people.BridgeThere’s also a big wooden table, but personally I would feel being too communal while sharing it with other customers. Well, it is sure feels good to be surrounded by people sometimes. From a safer distance.

We ordered a vanilla ice-cream, an iced latte, an an espresso (did it became like that while I was fetching it to our table, or was it pulled carelessly?)BridgeAs expected, after enjoying a rich taste of my espresso shot, I got my hands on the husband’s drink.Bridge

Luckily for my husband, latte at Bridge was too milky for me. I mean, lattes usually have much milk, but this one seemed more like a coffee milk.BridgeThe music wasn’t to my liking, either. Compared to Bridge, Starbucks is more accessible, has a larger assortment of drinks and desserts, a better music playlist, and their latte is good as longs as it has an extra espresso shot in it. Please forgive me for such comparison! I just couldn’t resist a sudden urge to do so because of this recent discovery. What they don’t have at Starbucks is rich, buttery ice-cream, cacti on the walls and plants in coffee drippers, mahogany leather seats, and a big elk peeking at you from upstairs.Bridge


BridgeRecently there are many urban style cafes popping up in Tokyo, but cafe Bridge is has it’s own tweak. It becomes a movie theater and a gallery space once in a while.Bridge


Bridge Coffee and Ice-Cream

Address: 3-1-12 Matsugaya, Taito, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10 am – 7 pm
Regular Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday
Telephone: 03-6231-6781
Access 1: 3 min. walk from Tawaramachi Station
Access 2: 4 min. walk from Iriya Station, exit 1
Access 3: 6 min. walk from Asakusa Station, exit 4
Distance to airport: 24 km from Haneda Airport
Official website (only in Japanese): http://brdg.jp

Article by Olga Kaneda

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