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Breakfast buffet at Laguna, Ishigaki

Getting around the island of Ishigaki is difficult if you can’t drive or cycle. So, to spare yourself any trouble I recommend you stay at Fusaki Resort and enjoy their breakfast buffet. Unlike other cafes on the territory, it doesn’t look very modern, but there are lots of options to fuel you up before fun beach activities.

My favorite food at Lagoon was bread with famous Okinawan black sugar and purple yam (beniimo), topped with delicious handmade pineapple butter or mango sauce. Add a glass of guava juice and several pieces of fresh pineapple and you have a perfect breakfast.

P1130605__1441247756_48044Among other foods were freshly-caught island fish with orange sauce, salad with devil’s tongue (konjak) and seaweed, some Chinese dishes, soba and gratin.

P1130602__1441248150_63146P1130617__1441247989_61197The modest decor of the restaurant consists of sea shells and pineapples of different sizes.

P1130606__1441247842_81526In addition to traditional freshly-squeezed tropical juices, there were some with added goya, a very bitter melon, a well-known Okinawan fruit.

P1130609__1441247903_81303After you finish breakfast, you can take out some freshly brewed hot coffee in a paper cup (for free).


Buffet Restaurant “Lagoon”
Address: Okinawa, Ishigaki, Arakawafusaki 1625 Fusaki Resort Village
Access: Taxi or by bus from Ishigaki airport.
Open: 6AM – 9:30AM
Distance from airport: About 16 km from Ishigaki Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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