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Bon Gateaux in Komagome – Good cakes and nostalgic atmosphere

Bon Gateaux (which literally means good sponge cakes in French) in Komagome is a cute little cafe. Just a few minutes walk from the East Exit of JR Komagome Station, and you enter an unknown, but very nostalgic world. It seems like time stopped in this part of Tokyo. This is Satsuki Doori, which means Azalea Street. Keep in mind that there is no English sign, so look for this little guy with a mustache and a top hat.Bon Gateaux in KomagomeMany old shops haven’t changed since the post-war Showa era, and their owners look like they had just stepped out of the time machine. The decadent atmosphere and home-made cakes of Bon Gateaux in Komagome can’t be replaced by even the best chain store coffee shop with mass-produced strawberry shortcakes (which, by the way, typically have jam instead of real berries between the layers).Bon Gateaux in Komagome

I like the earthy, unsophisticated taste of sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I also like that I never know what I will get in this particular cake, because different people make it using different proportions.Bon Gateaux in KomagomeThe lack of unnecessary sweetness makes strawberry shortcake a favorite dessert even among male patrons of Bon Gateaux. And it’s so wonderful to eat fresh strawberries in early February! Back home, we never get strawberries before June.

At lunchtime the most popular dish here is curry and rice, but there are many other options to choose from at Bon Gateaux in Komagome. You can also wash your cake down with hot apple juice.Bon Gateaux in KomagomeBon Gateaux in KomagomeEverything would be perfect about this little shop if it was a non smoking environment, though. Unfortunately, as many other old-style coffee shops, it isn’t.Bon Gateaux in Komagome


Bon Gateaux (ボンガトウ)

Address: 2-2-4 Nakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 9 am – 7:30  pm (last order: 7 pm)
Regular Holidays: Mondays
Telephone: 03-3915-1880
Access: a short walk from JR Komagome, East Exit
Distance to airport: 30 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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