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Batten Vegetable Salad Set

I imagine that many foreign residents in Japan, and in particular vegetarians, will encounter difficulties when eating out. When a dish is described as a “vegetable salad”, for example, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no meat!
While the number of restaurants which cater to vegetarians has increased in recent years, the fact is there are still very few.
The vegetable salad in Bat-ten, however, is suitable for vegetarians.
Bat-ten is located on the main street in Saga city and is crowded with patrons from nearby offices during lunch hours.
The vegetable salad lunch set at this restaurant is particularly popular with health-conscious women.
fresh  vegetable from Nanayama

The main dish is a large bowl of fresh vegetables harvested in Nanayama village. Nanayama is famous for its waterfall climbing event, held each year in July.
The rich flavour of each vegetable is sure to delight vegetable lovers!
The salad is accompanied by rice, miso soup, and one more small side dish.
vegetable set lunch
One cautionary note for vegetarians however, is that chawanmushi, a savoury egg custard, often includes a small piece of chicken.
A female friend of mine always orders the vegetable salad set when she visits this restaurant.
Once you’ve tasted it you’ll be hooked.
Help yourself to tea and coffee.
drink service
The number of vegetable salad sets is limited to eight, so if you’d like to order it, I suggest going early.
However, even if vegetarian dishes are not specified on the menu, many restaurants are very accommodating. If you are a vegetarian, ask if the restaurant can prepare something for you. I recommend that you be very specific about what you can’t eat to avoid any confusion.


Batten (こだわり野菜の店 せいろ屋ばってん)
Address: CAST Building 2F, 1-5-32 Tojin, Saga city
Telephone: 0952-97-8746
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 14:00. 17:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O. 23:30)
Regular Holidays: None
Access 1: 5 min walk from Saga station
Distance to airport: 12 km from Saga Airport
Menu Language: Japanese

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