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Ayatori Cafe: Child Friendly Dining

Informal gatherings known as Mamakai are very popular here in Saga. This is when a group of mothers get together over lunch or a coffee during the week to relax and chat. It’s quite common for them to bring along young children, so restaurants which provide facilities for young children and suitable meals are preferred. Generally, restaurants in Japan are very child-friendly but some positively welcome children!

The Ayatori cafe is one place that mums will love.
They have a lunch menu known as the Mamakai plan which is targeted at mothers with children. If you have a toddler, they can’t usually eat a full meal so this type of restaurant is perfect. The sets here are suitable for sharing and include dishes like hamburger steaks and curry rice which are popular with the young ones. The curry is lightly spiced so even young children will enjoy it.
curry set lunch
And it comes with three desserts! So mum and child can both have some.
This lunch menu includes a two-hour non-alcoholic beverage drink bar. You can choose from a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Ayatori is housed in an old renovated house. It is characterised by its thatched roof (kayabukiyane) and large traditional tatami room.
Traditional house
Ayatori provides various facilities for children, including child seats and also a selection of toys. So while mums are chatting the children can play.

Mums, if you are looking for somewhere to have a stress-free leisurely chat over lunch and drinks, Ayatori is the place for you.


(Ayatori (あやとり))
Address: 3-26 Akamatsu Machi, Saga City
Telephone: 0952-65-9686
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 17:00
Regular Holidays: Sundays
Access 1: 10 minute drive from Saga Station
Access 2: 3 minute walk from Saga University, Honjo Campus
Distance to airport: 10 km from Saga Airport
Religious info:
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards:

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