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Arita Porcelain Cafe: A Treat for your Taste Buds as well as Your Eyes

One of the wonderful things about Arita porcelain, with its characteristic colourful and detailed patterns, is that it is not only a pleasure to eat from, but also a pleasure to admire after you have finished your meal. This is what one of the staff at Gen-emon kiln told me. And that is exactly what I did in a lovely little cafe in the Arita China-on-the-Park.
This ceramic park was established by Fukagawaseiji kiln and has a factory, several porcelain outlet shops as well as restaurants in its grounds, which are only a ten minute drive from Arita station.Towards the rear of the park is the Chujikan gallery.

Chuji was the name of the Fukugawa family member who established Fukagawaseiji kiln and who became its first president in 1894. A number of fine works, including Fukagawa family heirlooms are on display in the gallery.
On the second floor is a cafe, the Refresh Room. With high ceilings, large furniture and low lighting it has a wonderful atmosphere.

You get a bird’s-eye view of the first floor exhibition hall from the second floor cafe.

display And if you sit outside on the terrace you can enjoy the fresh air and greenery.

view On this particular day I ordered an Affogato.

ice cream The delicate, pure white porcelain dish added an extremely classy feel to my tea time.
These cakes were served on a colourful dish.

snack And when I was finished…
I admired the empty bowl, saucer and plate. Once the food is gone you can see the shape and patterns more clearly.

cup plate

Of course you’re welcome to lift the dishes to have a better look at the intricate designs. Or take a step back and view the overall balance of the dishes from afar.

Because of the underlying white porcelain, even the combination of completely different designs doesn’t give the table a cluttered feel. You could say this is one of the characteristics of Arita porcelain. Arita porcelain will enhance your meal.

If you are in Arita and go for a meal or a cup of tea, I recommend that you don’t rush away as soon as you finish, but take some time to admire the beauty of the dishes your meal was served in.


Refresh Room (リフレッシュルーム)
Address: 2f Chujikan, China on the Park, 111 Haraake-Otsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Telephone: 0955-46-3900
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:30 (L.O. 16:30)
Regular Holidays: Tuesdays/New Year’s holidays
Access 1: 25 min walk from Midaibashi station
Access 2: 10 min taxi ride from Arita station (JR Sasebo line)
Distance to airport: 33 km from Nagasaki Airport. 44 km from Saga Airport.
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards: Not accepted

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