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The Best Bento in Japan! Curry in an Arita Porcelain Bowl

Packed lunch boxes sold in railways stations around Japan are referred to as Ekiben.
Ekiben are usually unique to each area, featuring typical dishes from the region, and for many, they are one of the pleasures of train journeys.

The Arita curry ekiben has been voted best ekiben in Japan in at least two different competitions.
Arita ekiben bento box

Because ekiben are designed to be eaten in a train, they come with chopsticks (or other cutlery) and a wet hand towel. In the case of this Arita curry ekiben, it comes with a spoon.
inside of the lunch box
Inside, a heart warming message card reads “Thank you from our heart”.

The first surprise when you remove the inner lid is that the curry is actually served in a handmade Arita porcelain dish!

Arita Porcelain BowlThis dish is hand made on a potter’s wheel and is beautifully decorated with cherry blossoms.

Instructions for heating in a microwave are given inside the package.
Without removing the top film, heat for 2 ~ 5 minutes.
yaki curry
This original curry is made with twenty-eight different spices,  poured over rice produced in Saga; cooked to perfection, and sprinkled with cheese on top. The cheese complements the rich flavour of the curry very nicely.

And, once you’ve finished you have a lovely dish to take home.
It’s just the perfect size for a side dish of salad or soup.
Porcelain Bowl
Because this Arita curry ekiben has been voted best in Japan, it has been featured on numerous television programmes and is quite famous now. You can even buy it online!
Mail order HP:


(Arita yaki curry (有田焼カレー))
Address: Sold at: Arita station; Hei, Honmachi, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga prefecture and at So Gallery Ota; 444 Nanbaruko, Arita-cho, Nishi Matsuura-gun, Saga prefecture.
Telephone: 0955-42-4275 (So Gallery Oota)
Mail order HP:創ギャラリーおおた
Access 1: 10 minute walk from Arita station.
Distance to airport: 32 km from Nagasaki Airport. 43 km from Saga Airport.
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards:

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