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Apple Park in Hirosaki, Where Everything is About Apples

If there is one thing that represents Aomori, it must be “apples”. Aomori is the northernmost prefecture of the main island of Japan and accounts for half of the total apple production in the country. Due to its geographical location and soil, the apples produced here are renowned for their sweetness. It is in this prefecture that the “Apple Park” is located.

Apple statue in Hirosaki Station

Apple Park is in Hirosaki, a city situated in the southwestern part of Aomori prefecture. The second you get off the train at Hirosaki station, you will learn how proud the locals are of their apples.


And this is where your apple journey begins! At the bus stop in front of the station, you can catch a bus that takes you directly to the apple park in twenty-minutes.


At the entrance, you can already smell the faint aroma of apple trees: sweet, sour and refreshing. The rest of the park is just like its entrance: red and green, with symbols of apples everywhere. There is a huge apple garden and a shop where you can buy all (and we mean “all”) apple-related goods, including apples juices, apple pies, and various products with their apple mascot. Inside the shop, there is a small museum that explains the history of apples and the major varieties here, including Fuji and Orin.


The sweetness of its apples allows Aomori to brew its own cider. There are a couple of cider brands founded in Aomori and you can taste them here. There is also a brewery right in the apple park that you can visit.



Apples are everywhere in the apple garden, even at your feet! Please come yourself to discover them. For those who want to see the apple flowers, May is the best season; and for those who want to bite into the juicy apples, come at the end of September for the harvest festival.


Apple blossoms before they turn into the delicious fruits we all know


Apple Park
Address: 125 Shimizutomita, Hirosaki 036-8262, Aomori Prefecture
Telephone: (+81) 0172-36-7439
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (for the shop and the traditional farmer house. You are free to wander around the park after hours)
Regular Holidays: None
Access: 20-minute bus ride from JR Hirosaki station, please refer to the official site for all the bus schedules
Harvest Festival: Date: Around late September. Dates for this year have not yet been announced. Please check the official website for the latest announcements (http://www.city.hirosaki.aomori.jp/ringopark); In 2014, it was held on 20-21st Sep.
Distance from airport: 31.5 km from Aomori Airport

Article by Eva

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