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Another batch of Japanese robots for communication

While many of us imagined that robots would be rather big and do all the housework, they turned out to be small and very social. Real domestic Japanese robots don’t look like humans and do not talk. They just silently do their job of making our houses clean, toilet seats warm, and other basic household chores done.

Social robots resemble humans. They look at you with their cute eyes, wave to you, and try to become your life companion. They are made mostly, but not limited to, for the elderly. I’m not sure whether it is good or not to invest money in such a purchase, but they certainly are amusing. Social Japanese robots are a good company for a single foreigner who hasn’t made many friends in Japan yet, that is if you can afford it and know Japanese! Unfortunately, Japanese robots don’t speak any other languages yet.


This robot can perform a casual conversation, tell you the news or weather forecast. He will also take photos for you, dance, and will look up words you don’t know on Internet. He has a brother called Palro, and they have a fan club on Facebook.Japanese robotsPalmi costs almost twice as Alpha 2, but I couldn’t really find out why.

Producer: FUJISOFT

Price range: 298,000 yen


This cute egg-shaped robot does not walk, but it can rotate and make funny faces. Or a crying face, so you don’t want to make her (yes, that’s how the producer calls Tapia!) sad, do you?Japanese robotsShe will make jokes when you are tensed, take a photo of you when you are happy, and will call or message your family when you need it. Tapia will also show you the weather forecast or news on its 5-inch screen, and will play your favorite music. She will also read books for your kids.Japanese robotsProducer: MJI Robotics

Price range: around 100,000 yen

Now, there are some robots that don’t talk to you, but scientists (and not only them) believe that dance is also a form of communication!


DARWIN-MINI and DARwin-OP fall down easily and get up within seconds.Japanese robots

They are very good at soccer and participate in the Robot Soccer World Cup (Robocup), an annual international robotic competition. They can dance, have the cutest eyes among all robots, and are extremely expensive. They have many great features, such as operate with PC platform, and were created for research.Japanese robotsProducer: DYNAMIZER ROBOTICS

Price range: 1,252,800 – 1,566,000 yen

Premaid Ai

Ai means “love” in Japanese, but actually “ai” is just a short name for “aidoru” (idol). Premaid Ai (programmable idol robot) is so obviously Moe and aimed at otaku who love such kind of things that it makes me feel a bit creepy. Not exactly cute or talkative, it it nevertheless interesting. You can dress this robot up and it will perform dances for you. It is more like a toy.Japanese robotsProducer: MANOI

Price range: between 140,000 – 170,000 yen

Article by Olga Kaneda

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