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An imrovised Hina Matsuri workshop – Setting up a display of hina dolls

It’s not that I don’t like winter, it’s just spring that makes my heart sing! Spring in Japan is particularly lovely. There are so many precious experiences that become excellent memories to treasure as you get older… One of them is this improvised yet unforgettable Hina Matsuri workshop I had at my Japanese friend’s home.Hina MatsuriAs expected, young Japanese people know almost nothing about Hina Matsuri traditional decorations and food. Most of the girls my age only had a mini set of Emperor and Empress at their homes when they were little. Some of them never had scattered sushi or hishimochi on March 3. However, some people keep the tradition going.

My friend took me to her daughter’s place to help putting up Hina Matsuri doll stand with seven platforms. Her granddaughter was born this year and it will be the baby’s first Hina Matsuri!Hina Matsuri hishimochi

When we opened up a big, dusty box, this royal shoeholder was the first to see the sunlight after a long winter sleep!

Hina Matsuri

Here he is, sitting next to Sakon no sakura, a cherry blossom tree.Hina MatsuriThe Emperor (on the left from viewer’s perspective) is holding a ritual baton, and the Empress (on the right) is holding a fan. Behind them is a gold folding screen, and between them are supposed to be two vases with artificial peach branches, but one branch was lost.Hina Matsuri Emperor and EmpressThree court ladies on the second platform are holding sake equipment, and there are five musicians on the third one.

A cute miniature kakebanzen, covered-bowl table with nine individual bowls. Apparently, it has seen many, many Hina Matsuri celebrations.Hina Matsuri

A chest of drawers with mirror on top, kyodai.Hina Matsuri mirror

Various chests of drawers and storage boxes used for Hina Matsuri display. Hina Matsuri drawers and boxesHere is a picture of the completed display. Isn’t it a beauty?Hina Matsuri DisplayHina Matsuri

Article by Olga Kaneda

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