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Amela Rubins: The sweetest tomatoes you have ever tried

Do you know that if you google “高糖度トマト”, the website of Amela Rubins will pop up? It is because Amela Rubins (アメーラルビンズ), or simply Amela (アメ―ラ), is the world’s sweetest tomato. Actually, 高糖度 is Japanese for “high sugar content”.Amela Rubins

Sometimes these tomatoes are tiny and come in small plastic containers, which is kind of convenient if you want to have a healthy snack on the go. It just takes a quick rinse and you’re good! Nevertheless, I prefer my Amela Rubins tomatoes to be middle-sized, as they are in those tasty tomato salads in some izakaya or Japanese restaurants. It is usually mentioned that they are from Shizuoka Prefecture, but there are only a handful farmers there who actually grow Amela Rubins.Amela RubinsYou just cool them in a refrigerator, then cut in halves and add some salt, maybe a dash of olive oil. The sweetness of tomatoes is the main feature of the salad, so we don’t want it to be out shined by any other ingredients.

This extra sweetness comes with an extra price. But this time I was lucky, because I bought a box full of Amela Rubins just for 1000 yen. Practically a steal, given that its regular price is around 2500 yen.Amela RubinsThere were 3 more tomatoes in the box, I just can’t stop eating once I got my hands on them!Amela RubinsTechnically, any tomato is not a vegetable, it is a fruit. However, in cooking it is used as a vegetable. Amela Rubins website states that their tomatoes are often confused with fruits because of their rich sweetness. These tomatoes are also reported to be more nutritious than the regular ones. You can read more about Amela Rubins here.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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