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Adorable Pochacco – Even dogs in Japan love sports

Japan is so full of cute animal-like characters like Hello Kitty or Pochacco that you have no other choice than love them or hate them. I prefer to give in to this endless flow of kawaii.PochaccoWhen I look at Sanrio characters or something similar, I can’t help feeling childlike happiness slowly but steadily wrapping me in its gentle embrace, singing a lullaby to my tired brain. It may sound stupid, but even a window-shopping at a place with many cute things can do much, much more to you than long hours spent at a psychotherapy. PochaccoReturning to Pochacco (ポチャッコ), I should say that he is a super-cute little white dog. Japan is generally big on cats and dogs, whether it is keeping them as pets or depicting them as more human-like creatures. Pochacco is 15 years older than Hello Kitty, and he does not enjoy a similar international fame, but he is nevertheless adorable and popular. You can even find an instruction how to draw Pochacco on wikiHow, or watch a cartoon about him on Youtube.PochaccoHis birth name is The Yorimichi Dog, which literally means “A dog who stops along the way”.  He is often seen with his friends; among them are Pi-chans, three yellow chicks. This cute dog loves growing carrots.PochaccoPochacco is an athletic dog, he is often seen in sports apparel. As a boy, the dog is fond of baseball, soccer, and skateboarding. However, his comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia word for chubby, which is pocha pocha.

Where to buy Pochacco goods: in Sanrio stores, or on Amazon.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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